Thinking of moving to San Antonio? Worried about the cost of living?

It's honestly not as bad as you think...

TikTok creator @dsellstexas asked a random girl off of the street to reveal how much she spends on her San Antonio high-rise apartment and y'all...she is getting an incredible deal. I can't believe just how inexpensive her place is, especially compared to some of the rentals in boring old Lubbock, Texas. Not only does she have an amazing view, pool access, a gym, and a ton of space, BUT she's paying less than $1400 a month for it.

I'm totally living in the wrong city.

Check out the video below:

Would you spend $1361 a month for this apartment? Let's see what viewers had to say about it in the comment section:

"Damn that girl made it a nice place."

"Cries in Dallas prices"

"Crying cuz I pay 1825 and don't get close to this"

"1,300 gets you a studio in the HOOD out here in Cali! If that. This would be 2,600-3,500 for something like this."

"Sold me at the coffee room."

What do you think?

San Antonio doesn't sound too bad to me. Maybe it will be the next stop on my journey through life.

Do you have a hip and thrifty home or apartment in a big Texas city that you'd like featured in an article? I'd love to hear from you. Please drop me a comment or email me at and keep scrolling for more Texas-based galleries below...

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