First, excuse me for using my name in the title. It's a thing, and it's the kind of thing not worth wasting anybody's time on. Let's move onward as I attempt to play a small role in our local Rampage Wrestling promotion.

Rampage Wrestling and Nightmare On 19th Street have done some fun stuff together before, so we decided to ramp things up by adding our own belt to the mix. Just in case you want to skip my sketchy acting, I'll give you the lowdown.

We purchased a "Hardcore Championship Belt" on luxurious (artificial) bronze python leather. We took this one step further and have invented a special match to launch the belt into Rampage Wrestling.  We are going to seal the belt in a wooden box for a "Pandora's Box Hardcore Match." The way the match works is one wrestler has to break open the box, grab the belt and get two feet on the ground.

The first match will happen at Nightmare On 19th Street's "Mayhem" event on March 27th. If you'd like to check out the wrestling or the park, you're welcome to come check it out. There is no charge to visit the midway.

Rampage will be putting on several demonstration matches in addition to the Hardcore Championship.  A word of warning: These guys do family-friendly stuff for all of their other events, so they tend to get hyper-violent when they do a hardcore match. The last time, a guy took a weed eater to the stomach.

After this initial match, the belt belongs to Rampage Wrestling with no strings attached.  I hope you can check them out some time, they put on a really good show.

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