Back in the day, we had rock stars in and out of the radio station all the time.

All of these bands were hitting Lubbock a couple of weeks apart so they pretty much made radio stations a regular stop. With so much competition, they were always fighting to be our best friends. We have played host to everyone from Adam Ant to Metallica. It was even MORE important to visit if you were an opener or midlevel band because you wanted people to come out early and see you.

I still have a crisp memory of Blackie Lawless coming into our studio. He was a bit late, and he was a bit rare in the world of teeny rock stars by being 6'4".  Even though I'm the same height, 6'4" in leather, with jet-black hair is what you call a "presence".  Not only did he have that rockstar vibe, but he also had that "partied all night" kind of vibe (for us it's the chemical or booze sweats, for rockstars it's a little bit less desperate).

We sat down for the interview and we were rolling W.A.S.P. songs and he said, "Dude, I have to tell you something" then proceeded to tell me one of the wildest rockstar stories ever, which he said had occurred only days earlier. He would later go on to tell that story a number of times in later years.

I told the story of that story on YouTube in November of 2016 and it has since racked up over 85,000 views. If you really want to know what it was like to be a rockstar or just chill with one in the height of the totally debauched 80s, then proceed at your own risk.

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