Here is another one of those things that the conspiracy nuts went crazy about...that went nowhere.

Back in May of 2019, the City Of Lubbock began installing smart water meters.  LP&L. was set to install 105,000 meters and the water department was to put 87,000 in place.  I do not know if these goals were met or exceeded. All we are here to talk about is the holy hell that broke out when they were suggested.

I think it's important that we blow a hole in these conspiracy theories when we can, to help curb the next strange thing the uneducated want to flip out about. If you remember there was talk of people getting their brains fried by the transmitters in these meters. As a matter of fact, not only do you not smell the tempting aroma of cooked brain matter, there was actually a problem with some of the signals being too weak.

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Continuing down the line of "nuttier-than-a-squirrel-doody" was the claim that this was how the gubment was going to track you, and if you were naughty they'd just turn off your water (as if anyone in your alley couldn't do that already).

None of this purported nonsense came to pass. It was all much ado about nothing. Let me also add at this time that there are no tracking chips in vaccine, there is concrete proof we landed on the moon, the earth is round, and no kids were possessed by the "enchanter" Teddy Ruxpin. (For you young'uns, it was an animatronic bear that some preacher said was going to lure your kid into the devil's playpen.)

Back to the topic at hand. So-called smart water meters are just that. They transmit what you use to a receiver and then you get billed. Of course, they can screw up. After all, your TV, phone and computer can also encounter issues. I can only say that whatever brain damage I currently have is from headbanging at Metallica shows and NOT from a smart meter.

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