Flavored Nation is a giant food festival in St. Louis. Each state will be represented by an iconic dish. What do you think was chosen for Texas? Could it be steak, barbeque, brisket or fried chicken?

William Perugini

The answer is: Chicken Fried Steak! Yep, I think they got this one right. I would put chicken fried steak front and center as "the" most Texas Dish of all.

So, let's talk a bit more about this yummy festival. Flavored Nation takes place over two days in St. Louis and has a specialty dish for each state. There's Buffalo Wings for New York, Bison Burger's for Montana and our next door neighbors New Mexico contribute Enchiladas.

You have until October 28th and 29th to find a way to St. Louis. Ten tastings will run you $55 (or you could just have about ten chicken fried steaks here in Lubbock).

If you'd like to see a full photo gallery of the foods, USA Today has it for you here.

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