I've voted straight party tickets before. I've done it with BOTH political parties because sometimes just has their game on. This makes me wonder what is truly behind a bill in the Texas House to take away that option.

women hand casting a vote
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So I haven't told you which political party is pushing this. Which do you think it is?  The person being the push thinks it will "create better candidates...better elected officials". It's a stretch, but maybe, just maybe it might mean less of a chance of a weak candidate riding his parties coattails. The opposition says it will disenfranchise minorities and inconvenience voters.  Seems to me it would bother the elderly the most.

I guess someone decided this will benefit their political party, but I'm having a tough time figuring out how it could make any real difference. I'll stick with my main reaction and that's "don't we have better things to worry about?". It sure seems like this is more of that janky political maneuvering that gets us nowhere and just creates pissed off people on both sides with no real winner either way.  Fix some roads and create some jobs you jerks.

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