I remember when it was announced that you could no longer smoke in bars.

My response back then was, 'then I guess I won't be going to bars.' Of course, I remember that being my response, but I don't ever remember actually not going to a bar for that reason.

Yes, like the anti-mask crowd, I was full of beans.

Smoking and not wearing a mask are the same thing. In both cases, you are blowing hot air out that could affect another person's health. Therefore, we stopped allowing people to share their second-hand smoke. Now we're trying to get people to quit sharing possible infections. It's the same thing, and it doesn't take away anyone's 'freedoms.' Putting an end to smoking in public places was for the good of the public health, and so is mask-wearing.

Businesses have every right to protect their employees and their customers. I really wish we didn't have such weak-kneed leadership in Texas, because I think wearing a mask in public should be mandated just like the anti-smoking measures.

I desperately want to get back to as close to normal as possible, and the best way to do that is to look out for each other. Then again, if businesses would just post "masks required" or "masks optional," I'd be happy to go to the one that applies to me.

Wear a mask, or just stay home. Protect your friends, family and strangers.

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