This could be a huge learning moment for a lot of people.

The fact that the Governor has got a case of COVID has a few learning moments that should be passed along. First off, Abbott was not shy about stating that he indeed had it, that he had vaccinations and was doing well. So, his transparency is to be admired.

So let's start breaking down some of the other tidbits we can glean from this in a digestible manner.

*The Governor stated that he had the vaccine.  Good. That makes it clear.

*He stated that due to having the vaccine he really didn't have any symptoms.

*He encouraged others to get vaccinated

*It was revealed that the Governor is tested daily for the virus

*The Governor has already started receiving antibody treatments.

So a lot of people can learn a lot of things from the Governor having COVID. Probably the best thing is, this can happen to anybody. The Governor has been addressing maskless crowds and although it's safe to say some precautions were taken, they were clearly not enough (I hope the Governor himself will now take better stock of the situation out here).

Now let's look at a couple of negatives. You and I can't get or can't afford daily COVID tests. I have no idea if we'd get the antibody treatments that he's getting. It kind of seems like there is an elite amongst us that don't have to worry about the disease because they have the finest in treatments available to them. All of this is a little bothersome.

So let's sum this up neatly in one sentence with... anybody can get COVID and vaccinations work. Here are some resources on how you can get your shots before Delta catches up to you.


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