As we previously reported, a beautiful Lubbock mural, which represents many hours of work by Lubbock children and the adults who guided them, was defaced with spray paint and eggs. The still unknown individual culprits have yet to be caught or named, although if we are to believe the "signature" we know exactly who did it- a member of a Texas Tech fraternity or sorority. Of course, we do not yet know that for sure, and jumping to conclusions can prove to be really foolish.

Miss Megan's Make Room recently posted updates about the defaced mural on Facebook- about both the prospects of finding the culprit and repairing the mural.

Miss Megan Make Room on Facebook
Miss Megan Make Room on Facebook

About the culprit- this is what Miss Megan's Make Room posted about the situation on Facebook:

To say I’m angry this morning would be an understatement. As yet we have not been contacted by LPD in regard to our police report, and we’ve had one response to the 20+ emails we sent to various related departments and associations at Tech.

I would be disappointed by a very slow to no response for my request for justice, too. And to just allow this to breeze by unpunished sets a terrible precedent. I'm hoping that this is just a symptom of an active investigation and not a sign that nothing will ever be done about this.

About the mural- Miss Megan's Make Room has received many offers of help to repair the mural, and has set up a GoFundMe to purchase paint and security measures for this mural and others. Luckily, they kept the original paint chips and should be able to match colors pretty closely- otherwise, the whole mural may have been lost. For those who want to help, just follow Miss Megan's Make Room on Facebook- as they would like the volunteer effort to be a collaborative one- a "party" in defiance of the setback. I absolutely love that.

Thankfully I have been contacted by many of you with offers to help, and I am encouraged by that. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and shared outrage gives me hope. As yet I do not have dates to work on cleanup and repair, but will go over the schedule in between other studio obligations. I think it should be a party of sorts, don’t you?

Another way you can support Miss Megan's Make Room during this time would be to take an art class or sign your child up for one. Now that's a fun way to pitch in. Current class offerings are listed on their website.


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