The latest argument against weed is about its potency.

Yet another idiot politician has popped off with the "it's not your father's or grandfather's weed" argument. Uh, right.

So if it's so dangerous in its new concentrations, where are the people lining up in the emergency rooms? Where are the stacks of dank, dead bodies? Where are the junkies begging for "just one hit of weed so they can feel better"?

None of that nonsense is happening. Weed is stronger, and people who like weed tend to smoke less at a time because of it. Marijuana may be one of the world's most perfect drugs, because for some reason it's easy to say "that's enough" (and if you get too much, you go take a nap).

I don't know why politicians haven't learned that this is one of the top reasons that people don't trust them. If you're going to lie to them about pot, you'll lie to them about anything.

It's time to legalize it nationwide. It's time to commute those pot-related jail sentences. And yes, it's time for all this black market money to be above ground and taxed like anything else.

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