I spotted a VERY unusual package by the side of the road on Thursday.

It was about 4:00 on Thursday when I spotted this mystery bag by the side of the road at the four-way intersection of the Loop and the Interstate (heading towards the airport). The bag seemed to be made of black plastic, possibly garbage bags and was sealed close with healthy amounts of duck tape.

Here, have a quick look:

I actually made three rounds around that four-way to see what it was. My curiosity peaked. Was it a bag full of human heads? Well, it seemed a little too big for one head and not lumpy enough for three so probably not.  Maybe was a bag of thoughts and prayers being shipped somewhere when it fell off the truck.  Could it possibly be money that Bart Reagor stashed before going to the pokey?

Spoiler alert, I did not go back and open it. I've seen too many horror movies that teach you that things that are closed should stay closed. I'm not opening a portal to hell and I'm sure not opening a mystery package that could have a full-on hornet's nest inside.

Just for the record, the package/bag was indeed round and much bigger than a basketball, or the aforementioned human head. It wasn't big enough for a human torso and (fortunately) too round to be a deceased animal. It was too perfectly taped to just be garbage and again, too round to be a pillow.

I prefer to call it, "The Thing That Should Not Be Revealed", but hey, if it's yours, that's where you lost it.

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