Of all the things I've commented on recently, this had to be the one people wondered about.

It's The Air Fryer Revolution!

Our family joined the air fryer crowd. Actually, we have one of those Black and Decker air fryer/toaster oven combo deals. The best I can tell at this point it's good for making grilled cheese sandwiches and that's about it. So, guess what? We've been having a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, or are we?

Everybody Is Making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Yes, making a toasty grilled cheese is a great idea. Heck with the cost of groceries out there, a hot, cheesy sandwich is not only good, but it's good for the budget, too. We just butter 'em up, stick 'em in, and before you know it, we're munching down.

Then, Boredom Creeps In.

Who wants a sandwich with nothing but butter and cheese? I mean, it's okay, but I want more out of life. And by more, I'm talking some ham, roast beef or even a little sliced turkey. Man, a hot sandwich with all of these fixins is better than pretty much anything else.

This Is Where the Confusion Sets In.

So, if I have a pile of ham on a sandwich that has just a slice or two of cheese on it, is it still a "grilled cheese" or is it a "hot ham sandwich"?  I am flummoxed and I can't find the answer anywhere.

Then, an Agent of Change Arrives.

You might say, "well, they're all grilled cheese," but I have a monkey wrench to throw at you by the name of a "patty melt." A patty melt ain't nothing but a grilled cheese with a hamburger patty and onion on it, so why does it have a different name?

There Are No Easy Answers.

They say, "to know the face of God is to know madness," and I believe it's the same with grilled cheese sandwiches. We may never know where a grilled cheese begins and another sandwich ends, and if we ever found out, then we may truly know madness.

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