French fries are a bit of a passion of mine. It's not that I obsess over them, but no one ever has to ask me if I "want fries with that" because I always include them upfront.

I'm going to go ahead and disappoint you upfront. If you were hoping for some kind of revelation about some good, out-of-the-way local place with "the best fries ever", then I have not found it, experienced it, or even heard about it.

I guess this really brings up the question, "How do you define, the best fries ever?".  After all, french fries are just potatoes and seasoning, and for most places that's just salt. I guess my answer would be, where do I consistently get hot and crispy fries?

It's very easy for some places to screw up the quality of their fries and it actually happens one of two ways, they either use old grease or serve up soggy fries, usually due to not cooking them at the correct temperature.

McDonald's fries are usually a safe bet, but on occasions, you'll have overanxious cooks that pull them out of the fryer too fast leaving them a bit undercooked. This kind of thing happens because they stay so busy and it's completely understandable.

For me, the absolute safest bet is Whataburger. I have never had a soggy fry at Whataburger. Maybe it's super-strict quality control, and maybe I'm just lucky, but no matter what time of day I've visited, the fries have been on point.

Now let's talk about a more "homestyle" version of fries. When it comes to those, I have to tip my hat to BurgerFi. The fries are cut a little bigger and some even have a little peel on them and I actually like them that way.

Lastly, this is one of those posts where I want to be proved wrong. I want to know where you think the best fries are and I think that should actually be broken down into three categories, regular fries, homestyle/steak fries, and fries with toppings. If you have any suggestions, post 'em up on Facebook.

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