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Woo-hoo -- they're such rebels!

Add this to the mini-movements out there, the anti-mask, or as I like to call them, the pro-coronavirus crowd. As has been detailed thousands of times over at this point, wearing a mask benefits the people you encounter, but some toddlers just can't be inconvenienced to think about anyone but themselves.

I actually do not care if people wear a mask or not. I care if they're around me without one. That's why they won't be around me without one. They can skip the mask and take the express lane to Coronaville for all I care. The problem is, they aren't happy with themselves being unmasked; they want us to unmask everyone else as well. And thus, the September 15th 'Anti-Mask Day.'

We've already seen COVID-19 outbreaks from parties, concerts, and other get-togethers where the use of masks and social distancing were ignored. At this point, you would think a person with just one tiny spark of intellect could see the correlation, but yet you have ignorant, un-empathetic jerks who want to organize around their lack of concern for their communities.

I've had no problem wearing a mask while running in 110-degree weather, operating a two-man auger when it was 95, and even proved that nine layers of masks didn't drop my O2 saturation more than 1 percent. If you refuse to wear a mask, you aren't a hero, a patriot, or a rebel; you're just a toddler.

The same goes for local businesses. Just as I expect there to not be roaches in my food, I expect safety protocols to be put in place. If you don't want to do it, good luck finding enough clientele to stay afloat. But I think it speaks volumes that even my favorite gun store has some protocols in place.

I doubt this "movement" will mean anything other than to a handful of people, but if you get near me without a mask, we are going to have a real problem.

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