Do you want to play with the big boys? Then act like one.

All signs point to the Big 12 busting apart. The University of Texas and Oklahoma University are apparently looking to leave the conference for greener pastures and more money. Yeah, it sucks but hopefully, they'll get a comeuppance someday.

With the whining going on about the possible move, it sure makes it look like Texas Tech was riding the Longhorns jock and that is no a good look. I know that there is the potential for Tech to lose millions if they go to a lesser conference, but there is also the potential for Texas Tech to be become a leader and stand on its own two feet.

Lubbock's Chamber of Commerce has stepped in to complain to Governor Abbott about the situation to try to stop the exodus. I don't know that anyone in Austin really cares about what the Lubbock Chamber says, but it just sucks to have someone try such a desperate move on Texas Tech's behalf. I also have to add that I don't think it's such a great idea to have any governor regulating what any college can or can't do.

I fully recognize that motivational slogans and hard work may not get us where we are going, but the idea that we can determine UT and OU's futures is even more ridiculous than wore-out catch-phrases.

We're screwed. We had a good ride. We can fight back, or we can look like losers. I hope Texas Tech holds its head up high, rolls up its sleeves and gets to work brainstorming a way out of this thing.

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