I guess this one should be self-explanatory, but Lubbock doesn't seem to get it.

Lubbock is every promoter's nightmare, it's a "walk-up" market.  The problem is that the agents, bands, and managers do not care for that one little bit.  They not only have cash on the line, they have the artist's ego's to deal with. In addition, most promoters have to pay a sizable deposit and if no one is buying tickets in advance, they won't have the money to book other shows.

It's true, most Lubbock shows are "over-bookings" meaning the venue is too big for the act. When that happens on a regular basis people get used to the idea that there will always be tickets at the door. On successful shows, we have even had people dumbstruck that they can't buy a ticket. They'll say, "what do you mean there's no tickets, can't I get a ticket at the door?" and other bits of wisdom of that sort.

These days if a show cancels, the money is put back on your card without even asking, or you just head up to Ralph's, which isn't a big deal, and get your money back  I'm not telling you to buy a ticket for a show you don't want to go to, but if you're reasonably certain you want to see a band, get a ticket in advance and support them. Remember, the alternative is that you'll have to start driving to see your favorite band and there is no way you'll ever be as close to, or spend less money, than supporting your favorite band when they're right here in your own backyard.

Note: This is not in reference to any particular show, nor is any particular show "in trouble" (as far as a know). This is in response to the many shows that are currently booked and the need to support your favorites. 

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