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I don't even know whats going on out there.

I was surprised to see that my local supermarket is now limiting water purchases to six gallons or less. This obviously means that more than a few people had come in attempting to hoard water. I guess I'm really not that surprised at the lack of empathy and the "I got mine" attitude of some people, but seriously?

The CDC did recommend that you have enough water on hand for you and every member of your family, plus some drinks like Pedialyte, Gatorade or Powerade. Even then, people seem to be missing one point and that is that most of them have running water in their house.

I agree that Lubbock water tastes like it was overflow from mixing concrete, but I certainly wouldn't hate it enough to dehydrate. Maybe instead of water, you should just pick up some of those flavor squirters or some Kool-aid mix.

I don't disagree that having a couple of cases of water is a good thing anytime, but hoarding so much that someone else can't get any is really a jerk move.

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