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There are genuinely concerned people out there trying to save lives, but some people just don't make it easy.

Let's get to the point... the I-can't-believe-people-are-so-damn-stupid point. I have seen quite a few people post, 'why doesn't the media talk about how many people survive the Coronavirus?' Their passive-aggressive point is that the media is selling fear and/or distrust of the government. What a load of horse shit.

How about because we don't have to figure out how to bury people who survived it? How about because it's called "the news," and "the news" reports aberrations in life. I don't need the news to tell me that the sun came up and that the sky is blue. Plus, the media assumes that you can do elementary math. Then again, I've also seen plenty of media stories about how many people have survived the coronavirus.

Let me dumb it down for people. Let's say there are 10 roads you can take to work, and one has a big damn hole in it, big enough to swallow a car. Should we put nine signs up saying, "this road's good" and not put up a sign on the bad one that says, "this road is dangerous"?

Here you go, I'll do the math for you (skip to the end of the sentence if you don't want to see the bad news first). Live Science says that 2.3 percent of people who catch the virus die, so that means 97.7% live.

So go pick 98 relatives that get to live instead of two that get to die if that makes you happy. If you aren't mature enough to handle bad news and process it, then maybe you should avoid the news entirely.

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