It drives me crazy that some people push back against these efforts, just because they're used to pushing back.

I'm not going to try to convince you that climate change is real. The science says it's real and your opinion doesn't change that. My point is, that addressing it has a ton of positive benefits no matter what.

Why wouldn't you want cleaner air to breathe, purer water to drink and energy options? Why wouldn't you support things like planting more trees?  Wouldn't it be cool if you got some of your energy from solar panels or wind turbines?  Most of all, wouldn't it be awesome to your kids not to trash the things they have?

Then again, you may not have to teach the kids to care about the environment, because kids are leading the charge. The young and hopeful are fighting for their future against the old and bitter.  The old are seeing their beliefs challenged and it truly bothers them, and that's what this is about, "beliefs" versus hard science. Myself, I'll take the latter and always have.

So support efforts against climate change, if nothing else you'll show your kids that care enough to listen and act of their concerns. Meanwhile, you'll get the bonus of a cleaner planet to live on.

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