We recently wrote about the Whataburger on Utica and 50th Street in Lubbock being renovated. We found out the restaurant was going to be closed for a couple weeks before another local location received a similar treatment.

Then, we found out that a Whataburger at 34th and Coulter in Amarillo was remodeled. The result is the picture above. It was definitely something I've never seen before. So we got curious: is this new Whataburger look something we're going to start seeing everywhere?

Honestly, I know and love the orange and white A-frame buildings that are synonymous with the Whataburger brand. They're easy to find and just make me happy. So we reached out to Whataburger corporate PR and got some good news.

According to Whataburger Corporate Communications, "the Whataburger restaurant in Amarillo pictured was a test unit for a remodel option that has been discontinued."

So don't fret: this specific renovation shouldn't be happening anywhere else. Honestly, it would be pretty cool to visit that unique Whataburger in Amarillo. Have you been or seen anyone's different that the A-frame orange and white buildings we have came to know and love? Let me know by emailing me at kelsee.pitman@townsquaremedia.com.

Also, just a reminder the Whataburger at 6414 82nd Street (near Milwaukee Ave.) will also be getting a fresh coat of paint sometime later this month, so if it's closed, that's why. The Whataburger on 50th wasn't actually closed for long, so you won't have to worry too long about getting your breakfast on a bun.

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