I am personally SO STOKED about the new Marilyn Manson album. His last was pure genius and served as my workout record for a year (and yes, by record I mean l.p.).

"Heaven Upside Down" is Manson's 10th studio album (seems like just yesterday the first one was causing waves). He also has a greatest hits and a live album on top of that. Manson has really turned into a career artist who always has something to say.

This contest is going to be easy. Download the FMX app (right here if you don't have it already). Send us a screenshot of the FMX app on your phones home screen. We'll pick 20 winners! Yeah, 20 winners.  Just email that screenshot to voodoo@kfmx.com before 9 a.m. Friday.  That's a lot of winners for very

That's a lot of winners for very little effort.  Good luck and get it done!


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