The Texas Tech locker room got a bit of a surprise.

(Note: This is not the current Red Raider staff or team. This video was reposted by Powerlifter Cailer Woodlam and began trending again). 

Here's proof that even "Fearless Champions" can be intimidated.

Guys pretend not to notice, but yeah, they notice what other guys in the gym are lifting. Imagine you're a world-class athlete and someone comes in and just blows away anything you've ever done.

Former strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt introduces the video of a Cailer Woolam pranking the Red Raiders with some massive lifts in the gym. Cailer is a world record holder in the 220-pound weight class. Here's a sneak peek at what he can do:

Calier Woolam was presented as "Kaleb Simmons" from "Rochester Community College". He then started working out with weights that the other Red Raiders immediately took notice of.

Calier is a pretty humble guy and is awesome at passing along tips to better lifts. If you're considering hitting the gym you may want to check out some of his other videos.

So, as you can tell, it's always important for you to get warmed up before you hit the big weights. You've now seen what Cailer can do, so it's time to get to the prank video before we wrap this up.

The best part of this video isn't the wide-eyed reactions to his lifts. It's not the big reveal at practice. The absolute best part of this video is while he's still in the gym and the rest of the Red Raiders are cheering him on. If you want to know "why" Texas Tech is doing so well, why the team is joining the elite, and why they are winners, it's because they are a team and they even jump in behind this supposed "newb" to encourage him while he lifts. This is RAIDER POWER!

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