Guys, we didn't even come close. What's the deal?

WalletHub shared an annual study for the most patriotic states in America. The study looks at several different factors like how many veterans and active members of service there are here, and how many people spend their time volunteering for non-profits such as AmeriCorps.

While Texas does rank number 4 in the US in terms of active military members, we didn't make any of the other ranked lists that would have put us in the running for a spot in the top 10. We actually scored wayyyyy down at the bottom, coming in at number 41.

Womp womp...

Here's a colorized chart from the survey that depicts the level of patriotism found in each state. The more patriotic states are a darker shade of blue. The lighter-colored blue states are said to be less patriotic.

Source: WalletHub

What gives?

The top 10 most patriotic states of 2021 are sort of surprising. The number one spot went to Montana, followed by Alaska, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Oregon, and then coming in at 10, Virginia.

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Patriotism is defined as "Devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty." The fact that we rank in the top 5 for states with active service members is certainly an accomplishment and demonstrates a considerable amount of devotion to our country.

What do you think about Texas ranking number 41? Take a look at the actual survey numbers here and comment below or on our Facebook page if you think Texas is much more patriotic than we were given credit for. Are they wrong? Or do we need to do a little more to show how much we love this dang ole place?


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