I'll eat bacon any way I can get it.

I will eat bacon in a hat

I will eat bacon with a cat

I will eat bacon in my house

I will eat bacon with a mouse

I will eat bacon all darn night

I will eat bacon cooked just right

Now that we've established that I will eat bacon pretty much anyway or where but raw, let me tell you how to properly cook bacon.

The best way is to put your bacon strips in a pan and cover them with water. The water should just barely be over the height of the bacon. Turn the pan up to boil. What you are going for is enough water to boil the bacon for about two minutes before it drys up. When the water drys up, switch that heat down to about medium and finish frying up your bacon. This process renders most of the fat from your bacon and leaves you with the crispiest, best strips of bacon you've ever had.

Let me bring in one more reality that no one who pushes this technique ever talks about, and that's clean up. Cleaning your pan is going to suck. This method tends to leave serious residue on the bottom of the pan. I just want to be upfront with you about this, because it's something you'll want to get used to, because once you cook bacon this way you'll never go back.

There, you know how to cook the best bacon ever, now this will be your thing. Go out into the world and be a bacon ambassador, you deserve it.

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