Cooking pancakes next to a politician pretty much-confirmed everything I've ever feared about those who make it a career.

msheldrake, ThinkStock
msheldrake, ThinkStock

First up, the folks I cooked pancakes for pretty much quit inviting politicians because they realized not much cooking would be done. Still, it's hard not to add a little what-suffices-for-glamour to an event.

So after I threw down on the grill for a couple of hours, I was joined by a congressman. I was very cordial showing him how it was done (no big, but it's a little different when you're cooking 50 at once). I pointed out the cottonseed oil to the politician who then stopped and took a photo op with it. He then stopped every few minutes to take pictures or shake hands or go off and talk to people. It was pretty clear that getting cakes on a plate was not among his top priorities.

I want you to think about this for what it was.  When it was time to work, he left that to someone else. When people needed to be served, he left that to someone else. When people were hungry, he was unconcerned. He was only, and that is only, interested in whatever it took to stay in the public eye.  Oh, and as he was walking away the last time, after I helped and covered for him for the 30 minutes (out of an hour) that he was scheduled, he managed to leave me with an ignorant comment about my appearance ("Maybe we can get rid of that caterpillar under you lip").

I'm never going to forget this. I believe in deeds, not words. I believe in action and not just smarmy glad-handing. It's time we demand more of our representatives. It's time we elect people who are actually interested in lending a helping hand when needed and not just making a show of it.

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