You may have heard The RockShow talking about these massive weenies. Now it's time to take a peek.

I'm going to start with a spoiler alert, but it's a good one. You know how sometimes you think more is better, but it's not? This time more actually is better. These giant hot dogs don't have the lard or liver taste that some hot dogs have. They're absolutely excellent and that's why I'm sharing this with such glee.

I found these hot dogs at Market Street and what's surprising to me is that they are the Signature house brand. House brands traditionally don't lead with innovation, but this time they did and I'm pleased as punch. I want ALL my fellow hot dog lovers to pick up on these so that they continue to make them. I will be stashing some in my freezer just in case.

I've already had these two days in a row and I'm looking forward to using one as the centerpiece for a chili dawg tomorrow. I did everything I could to show you the scale in the pictures, but you have to see these to believe them. I haven't even seen hotdogs this girthy in ballparks. Yes, I've seen them longer, but not this thick. Once again, these are hotdogs, not sausages.

These hotdogs are HUGE!

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