So what do we do with our old cans of pumpkin now?

If you lived in Lubbock for any length of time, it was the highlight of your year to be on t.v. during the canned food drive. Well, that or to watch someone you love be on the canned food drive. I have to admit, it was obnoxious as all get out, but it was still LUBBOCK. It was as LUBBOCK as any gets.

I participated in many of these canned food drives and yes, that's me interviewing a giant peanut:


I have to admit, for a guy not much into nostalgia, it's sad to see the old way of gathering canned food go by the wayside. It appears that, again this year, the push is for cold, hard cash. I completely understand, that cash is king and a dollar goes much further when combined with the Food Bank's buying power. I also understand that sorting all these cans of things is a huge undertaking. What I don't understand is how, even with these things in mind, that they come close to what they used to raise.

Maybe it was all an illusion, but it seemed like EVERYONE in town did at least a little something for the food drive. Now, it seems to actually be a little bit under the radar. Also, and I'll straight up admit it, it WAS a great opportunity for a lot of us to rotate items out of our pantry. We seriously used to buy things thinking, "I'll go ahead and get two and if I don't like it I'll give one to the food bank".

So there you go, rest in peace old U-Can-Share-Food-Drive, and long live the new U-Can-Share-Food-Drive. We need to keep supporting this effort even if we miss the old days of screaming third graders on t.v.

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