Diamante is looking for people who took photos with her.

What a cool thing to do. Diamante is planning on including fan interaction pictures inside her next album. I recall the young lady hitting Lubbock twice.

Diamante headlined in the Hub City on December 19th, 2019, and played with Bad Wolves on July 19th, 2018. If there were dates other than that, please let me know. Since she has always made herself accessible, you may have a photo with this blue-haired goddess.

Diamante is asking fans to post pictures of any interactions they may have had with her on the Facebook post above and emailing it to her. The idea of just being one in what could be thousands and thousands of photos is still pretty dang cool. Just think: sometime in the future, someone may whip her album out, check out the sleeve and see your goofy mug for all to see.

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I have to brag at this time just to encourage you to do this. I managed to make it into a couple of albums and it's really cool. You can find my name inside Jackyl's Choice Cuts (their greatest hits compilation) and the 4th album from 3 Doors Down, which is called, 3 Doors Down. It's quite an honor to be included in these projects, and I am eternally thankful that these artists and their teams thought of me.

You could have the same kind of honor and all you have to do is dig through your photos and see if you have a pic with Diamante. We're hoping you make the cut. If you do, please let us know so we can tell everyone in Lubbock all about it.

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