I thought a little nostalgia might be called for after the crumb-bum of the year that was 2020.

We can dive deeper into these memories in the future, but I'm going to keep this simple for those "in the know". It will lean a little "rock" because I guess that's your author's pedigree. Give yourself one point for each item you can check off the list.

You might be old school Lubbock if...

...you had a late-night meal at either The Kettle or Lone Wolf

...you ordered by phone at the Brittany Restaurant in the Mall

...you attended the FMX Kite Fly & Frisbee Fling

...you checked out the "tobacco pipes" at the Buffalo Beano Company

...you bought cool alternative music at University Records

...you saw Captain Rowdy at Froggy Bottoms

...you saw The Clash, U2, or Pat Benetar at The Rox

...you saw Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Planets or Joe "King" Carrasco at Fat Dawgs

...you visited Players or the Cheyenne Social Club

...you negotiated the traffic circle on Q

...you drove on Quirt Avenue

...you watched the tortilla maker in awe at The Food Emporium

...you saw Rocky Horror at the FMX Midnight Movies

...you watched Gene Messer Horror Theater on t.v.

...you went to the original Ski Lubbock Sports

...you remember the windmill at 50th & Indiana

...you got scared at the Jaycees Haunted House at the Fairgrounds

...saw Joan Jett at the Tornado Jam

...threw a penny in the fountain at the Mall (yes, it wasn't that long ago, but I miss that fountain and thought you could use an easy one).

...went to Jam Night at the Main Street Saloon

Now, on with the scoring:

1-5  points:  Why are you even reading this, ya newb?

5-10 points:  Welcome to Lubbock, are you originally from New Mexico?

10-15 points: Heck, we'll just call you "neighbor"

15-20 points: Wow, you've been here so long you're practically an artifact.


Smiling Bush Turns Into the Masked Rider

Smiling Bush Turns Into the Masked Rider



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