Put on your best costume and head over to the Prima Vista Event Center this Friday, October 29th for the 4th Annual Halloween Havoc Costume Contest and Concert. There will be a ton of local badass bands, food trucks, beers, fire spinners, and fun for all. It's going to be the best Halloween party in town.

John Macias
John Macias

This year will feature two different food trucks, Sweet Loops (handcrafted churros and ice cream, HECK YES) and Red's Fruit Cups. If you aren't big into dressing up, don't sweat it. Munching on the noms from those trucks and listening to the sweet jams is totally worth your Friday night. Bet.

Last year featured some incredibly creative costumes. You may want to take a gander at your competition before you throw on that boring mask you've worn 8 years in a row. These dudes don't f*ck around.

Halloween Havoc Costume Contest & Concert

There will be fire spinning by the PyroSapiens, who totally kick-ass AND I heard that this will be the last music performance locally by Soothsayer until the middle of next year. Not something you want to miss out on.

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Join me on Friday night and let's see who takes home those prizes. I plan on having a blast and I'd love to see you out there. First place in the solo costume competition will win you $300, followed by $200 for second place, and $100 for third. The group costume contest is worth $200 bucks that you can split among yourself and your pals.

Get ready for a badass night in the 806 at this year's Halloween Havoc!

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