I guess I'm already wrong out of the gate. There is one thing that your horoscope tells you, it tells you-you are gullible for believing in horoscopes.

I could pick horoscopes apart a number of ways, but this one statement is the best:

There is no force, known or unknown, that could possibly affect us here on Earth the way astrologers claim.-Relatively Interesting.

That pretty much says it all, 100%, put it away, light it on fire and hide the ashes under lock and key.

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You understand gravity as a force right?  Gravity is the thing that keeps you on the earth instead of flying out into space.  There is no "force" like gravity which makes you likable, strong-willed, aloof or any of the million of other descriptions used in horoscopes.  The moon or the stars do not pull on your brain and make you lucky or unlucky.

Your brain is always looking for patterns, sometimes to the point of making conclusions that are not there. I have friends who will swear the full moon makes things happen. It does not. Superstitious people just notice and/or draw conclusions when something happens during a full moon.

My horoscope says I'm "responsible and self-disciplined".  That sounds just like me. You want to know why? Because my brain enjoys the compliment, not because "the stars" made me that way.  This is how confirmation bias works.

Horoscopes are just a load of phooey invented by people who had only the smallest knowledge of science (hey, at least they tracked the stars, even if it meant nothing).

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