Here's one of life's little ironies that could you send you to the hospital.

Doesn't it seem wrong that you could work so hard to have a clean surface, that you have endangered yourself and everyone who eats off your grill? It just doesn't seem fair, right?

The villain in this story is metal grill brushes. There are tons of reports about those little metal wires breaking off the brushes and ending up in someone's food. Once the bristles have made it into the food, they can cut your mouth pretty bad, or even worse, be ingested and get logged somewhere in your throat or digestive tract. I guess I almost don't have to tell you that those kinds of accidents will result in surgery to get them out.

Mathing this out from previous reports it looks like there are a little over a hundred cases a year. Now if you're reading this from Texas, there are probably a hundred barbeques on your block every week, but still, the chances are there. I would also assume that the more you barbeque the more your chances go up of this happening.

Hopefully, you can find something that works for you other than a wire metal brush, if not, do the simplest thing, which is to check your current brush and replace it frequently. I will say that this is not the first time I've heard about this, and I still haven't made the transition myself. After seeing the x-ray of the bristle in someone's neck, I think I'll be making that change sooner rather than later.

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