Despite what the note on the door says, former employees of Zio's Italian Kitchen in Lubbock say the restaurant is done.

Justin Massoud
Justin Massoud

Sunday night was apparently the last night for Zio's Italian Kitchen. Our source said on Monday morning they were loading up a moving truck and had employees who needed to be tipped out dropping by the store.

Customers were greeted with a sign saying the location is "temporarily closed." But according to our source, the staff was very much led to believe this was a 'you don't have a job any more situation,' not a 'we'll be back up and running soon situation.'

Our source said the manager was told by corporate that the location was closed and to call the staff. While it is certainly possible that this is just a re-model or re-launch, that was not communicated to the employees. We hope all of them find a new home soon.

Zio's Italian Kitchen is/was located across the street from our radio station building. Before Zio's took over the space, it was home to Zookini's for many years.

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