I'm betting this list will get longer and longer as people read it an comment on it. Everybody has had favorite restaurants that have gone away (for whatever reason).

I tried to avoid the chains, like Jack n' The Box, Carl's Jr and Grandy's, and instead focus on some that really had some Lubbock flair.

I guess you'll also notice a trend here with me, three out of five here I went to for the burgers and nothing but the burgers.

Now, there are two places that I wish I could add to this list, but I don't remember the name of are the Chinese restaurant that used to be across from Tech, but down Broadway or Main (it was a two story building that family lived upstairs) and the three-level pizza place on University (Pasta's Pizza?).

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    The Brittany

    From two locations down to none, The Brittany served up smoky tasting barbecue burgers. One of the most memorable things about The Brittany was the way you ordered your food from a phone at each table.

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    Stubb's BBQ

    Stubb's BBQ served a mean plate of barbecue and a whole bunch of musical heritage. To me, back in the day, barbecue meant one of two places: Either Stubb's, or the counter of Pinkies at the strip.

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    Whaler's Bay

    Now I don't know much about the history of Whaler's Bay. I can tell you for the longest time, this fish shack on Frankford had the best hamburger in town. I think it had something to do with the type of roll it was served on.

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    Chez Suzette

    Chez Suzette served as an oasis in Lubbock for many, many years. It was THE French restaurant (with a touch of Italian) and pretty much the classiest place in the Hub. I remember the crepes being amazing (I'm not a huge experimenter with food).

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    This one hurts. Simply the best hamburgers ever served in Lubbock, Texas.

    Higher quality meat and better ingredients than anyone in town. I thought the prices were fair and the atmosphere fun.

    I want to say it didn't succeed because it was a sit down burger joint, but we have a few of those in town that are doing alright. RIP.


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