Haiku are fun. Five syllables, seven syllables, then five again. I'm sure you had to write some at some point in your school career.

So, I was looking for some all new ways to comment on the wind. The wind is certainly nothing new here, but poems about it, just might be. Enjoy these Haiku.

  • 1

    The Browning

    The skies are so brown

    Reminds me of something else

    Like underwear stains.

  • 2

    The Airbourne

    Many things airborne

    Dust and debris, trash and cups

    Look a trampoline!

  • 3

    Buddy's Trials

    The wind is so high

    The Buddy Holly statue

    Held down by his nuts

  • 4

    Accidental Starfish

    That wind hit just right

    That her skirt was blown up high

    I saw her bunghole  

  • 5

    Animals Among Us

    Oh it was windy

    Where are my dog and cat at?

    Look how they can fly!

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