There was a time when you had to work for your nudity and porn.

These days all you have to do is crack open a computer or a smartphone and any type of nudity is available to you. Back in the day, we had to risk real embarrassment in order to sneak peek at a bare boobie.

This has been, shall I say, eye-opening? When I started searching for some of this information, all kinds of things crawled out from under the woodwork. I was told that I was just scratching the surface out there, and I also learned smaller footnotes, like alternative names some of the clubs operated under.

Even more fun is looking at the locations in one form or another. Some of these places still stand, while some have been demolished. In the case of one spot, I just showed an ad before they turned to a more skin-oriented presentation.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped me research this. I won't list your names.

5 Places Lubbock Went to Get Nasty

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