You have to be very good to say in business in Lubbock. You have to be excellent to have two locations.

I went with the word 'businesses' because it would be kind of weird to refer to no. 1 on this list as a restaurant. Plus, using the term 'businesses' gives us an opening for a sequel to this list.

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    Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea & Smoothies

    This answer is somewhat crowd-sourced. All I can tell you is that Happy's makes people really happy, and Lubbock could easily support another location. It's insane that this place has succeeded in the birthplace of Bahama Buck's, but people are way into it.

    And the good news is...a second location IS coming. I reached to Happy's last night and they are hoping for a July opening.

  • 2

    Pei Wei

    So many chain restaurants have come and gone in this town. So many have ruined their good name or run down. Pei Wei continues to deliver hot, fresh and inventive dishes with an Asian flair.

  • 3

    LaBella Pizza

    This pizza is too good to be in one spot. It's great their one location is right in the middle of town, but I'm sure another location would be welcomed anywhere.

    When you want a big pie with a lot of toppings, LaBella is the hookup.

  • 4


    Abuelo's actually had a second location at one point, but it was more a derivative concept than a clone. Our radio station is next to Abuelo's, and that place stays packed!

  • 5


    My favorite burger place has completely proven itself while others have come and gone. I went over the weekend and it was packed out.

  • 6

    River Smith's

    Yes, River Smith's had a second location once upon a time. It's time for their return. May I suggest the location of the former Shrimp Galley for #2? I don't eat out much, but I'm at River Smith's at least once a month and it's always full.

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