One of the best things about working for KFMX are the times when all of the employees gather around the computer to snicker and make the dumbest memes we can possibly think of. Whether it's a weather event, a ridiculous local story or just some mildly funny crud we come up with to bring the community together in laughter, we can't stop. We won't stop.

It's been hot af in Lubbock if you haven't noticed. Like. Really, really hot. Here are a whole bunch of stupid memes to share with your buddies. We hope you enjoy just how bad they are and share them with your friends. It's the least we can do.

8 Stupid Memes That Perfectly Describe This Awful Lubbock Heat

Feel free to leave your own Lubbock heat memes in the comments on the FMX Facebook page. There are just never enough, and trust me, there will be more. Patience is a virtue, but ain't nobody got time for that when the sun is being so friggin' rude.

I'm over it.

Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

Go forth into the world and, well...actually, don't go anywhere if you can help it. We highly recommend staying at home and binge-watching murder documentaries. You can use all of the advice you can get on how to dispose of a body when you come across someone that won't stop asking you to mow the lawn, check the mail, or do anything involving the sun touching your bare skin.

Stay hydrated and don't be stupid because everyone in town is testy right now.

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