Mark McGinley is a former Tech professor now teaching in Hong Kong.

McGinley was a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Honors College at Texas Tech University for 24 years. He knows Lubbock, he loves Lubbock, and he's very worried about Lubbock.

One part of McGinley's statement that really stands out is: "According to data from the Worldometer COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic website, if my old home Lubbock, Texas (Population Lubbock County approx 310 thousand) was its own country then it would have just entered the Top 100 countries in the world for total number of COVID-19 cases."

In case you are wondering about how we are viewed overseas, McGinley has a few thoughts.

McGinley currently teaches at Ligham University in Hong Kong and he can see China from his window.