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Something that a lot of people think about when deciding on a place to live are the nearby schools. It's an important think to consider, whether you're moving here with your kids, moving to a different area in Lubbock or simply looking to start a family.

There are some great schools in and around Lubbock, so I decided to compile a few of them and the neighborhoods they are located in. The areas range from newer developments to historic Lubbock spots.

These ae a few different options on where you could live in Lubbock to raise a family based on the schools in each area.

10 Areas in Lubbock with Good Schools for Raising a Family

There are many great schools throughout Lubbock and in the surrounding areas. Whether you want to live in central Lubbock, South Lubbock or over by Wolfforth, these are 10 neighborhoods you could live and some of the schools in those areas.

Neighborhood outlines are based on the map at Neighborhood Scout.

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Here are the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in Lubbock based on data found on Neighborhood Scout.

10 Safest Neighborhoods in Lubbock

Here are Lubbock's 10 safest neighborhoods according to violent and property crime numbers found on Neighborhood Scout.

10 Highest Appreciating Neighborhoods in Lubbock Since 2000

Here are the 10 highest appreciating neighborhoods in Lubbock since 2000, according to Neighborhood Scout.

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