I have been a fan of caves my whole life.

Yes, caves seem like a weird thing to be a fan of, but let's lay this out here; when I was a kid trips to Carlsbad Caverns were as frequent as trips to Disneyland (and probably less expensive). Add to this was my job at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park California where I drove a train through "a cave system". Yes, I'm not sure why, but I've been surrounded by caves for a hot minute.

Emerald Lake
Natural Bridge Caverns, Inc.

Just northeast of San Antonio, Texas is the "Natural Bridge Caverns" (They picked up that name because of a formation that stayed in place as a sinkhole opened up under it). At least two miles of caverns were initially mapped with additional passages being explored and found to this day. They are the "Largest Commercial Cave System" in Texas, essentially meaning you can visit.

I am again stunned that I had not heard of this attraction before. I guess my almost lifelong proximity to Carlsbad Caverns kept it off my radar. The caves were discovered around 1960 and have been explored, modified, and built out for visitors. Apparently, the attraction is so popular that they have events for the Fall, Christmas, and even underground music. If that's not enough for you, they also have "cave yoga".

Natural Bridge Caverns, Inc.
Natural Bridge Caverns, Inc.

If you're a super big fan of caves and just can't get enough of them when you visit the Natural Bridge Caverns, check out the nearby Braken Cave Preserve for some bat-watching. This all sounds like a very fun weekend trip to me.

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