It seems like a weird question to ask, but where is the biggest rock in Texas?

We've been gathering up all of the biggest things in Texas under the headline "Big In Texas". Here in the Lone Star State (the land of the Big Hat) we take pride in the fact that everything is bigger and better in Texas. It has been fun pulling ideas out of thin air and hunting down the answers. This leads us to today's query.

Where is the biggest rock in the state?

The answer seems to be Enchanted Rock in near Fredricksburg and Llano, Texas. This rock is enormous, and believe it or not, pink! This one "rock" covers over 640 acres! Enchanted Rock is a Texas Historic Landmark and is apparently "The Best Camping Spot In Texas". The park offers tons of activities in addition to being a great home base for your camping and hiking excursions.

Enchanted Rock also appears to be a haunted rock with many stories about ghost lights and ghostly screams. Things get weirder too with some legends saying if you spend the night on the rock you could become invisible (is that a good thing or a bad thing?), and one story about a priest who said he fell into the rock and was spit out days later after witnessing some very weird stuff.

Back to earth, the park has over eleven miles of hiking trails, that you can actually download and preview here. Bikes and swimming are a no-go at the park and pets are only allowed in certain areas. You can get more details on the park here.

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