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I guess the Chads and Beckys got a little salty after a day in the sun.

Buffalo Springs Lake was already taking a drubbing on social media after what looked like a picture of the douchebag section of the supermarket. Now, a video has surfaced of what happens when two "ladies" have more than one hard seltzer after a day in the sun.

According to people who posted, two Skylars kicked off the melee, but this video shows an Adrian with a very silly pimp slap, then the two Skylars going at it with a Jennifer jumping in. Then it became one of the famous bar-parking-lot-at-2-a.m. kind of traveling brawls.

We're not sure who won this fight to see who gets to have Coronavirus first, but we'd like to wish everybody luck. BTW, Karen...come get your kids.

NSFW video below:

Well, as long as they want to be famous...

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