This is why we can't have nice things.

How does this sound: you invite a friend to visit a Lubbock landmark only to find it torn and marked up? Sounds pretty terrible, doesn't it?

Since the installation of the Buddy Holly statue, there's been a problem of so-called "fans" ripping the tuning keys/machine heads off the statue's guitar. This is such a problem that extras were made up specifically for repairs. Still, how embarrassing is it to take someone to one of the few things that you can be proud of in this town and find it in the time between repairs?

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Then, there's the second problem. Apparently, the statue's base was also marked up with religious graffiti. Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, there's a nut bird in town that likes to mark things up with "Jesus + King." This was confirmed by another poster who was in charge of those large animal statues which were also marked up with the same thing. (While prepping for another story yesterday, I visited some tornado ruins and guess what I found marked on the wall? That's right: "Jesus + King.")

Texas Tech University just received $20 million for yet another football practice facility. Surely, the City of Lubbock can find someone to host the statue and/or provide proper security for it. I'd like to suggest that some donors help us find a decent place to relocate the statue, the wall, and even the Buddy Holly Center. Maybe there's some land adjacent to the Buddy Holly Hall, or we could just put everything in a highly trafficked shopping center.

Too many people fought for too long for this tribute to Buddy Holly. We need to put it in a place where it can be properly cared for.

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