Buffalo Springs Lake started out July with a bang by teasing up what could be a floating playground at the public beach.

We reached out to officials at the lake and found out that the floating trampoline type structures are actually owned and operated by a company out of Grapevine, Texas. Altitude H2O has rented the water space from Buffalo Springs Lake as a separate attraction offered. So if you'd like to jump around on the water, you still have to pay a gate fee and then the fee to play on the bouncy water structures will be paid to Altitude H2O.

Based on ticket prices listed for other locations in Texas, it looks like a 45 minute session will start at around $20 or $30 for a 90 minute session.

UPDATE: Tickets will be sold for $15 for 45 minutes and $25 for 90 minutes. Gate fees for entrance to the lake are still required.

The post from July 1 leaves much to the imagination, but we'll track down any information and update the story as we learn more.

We were told that Altitude H2O will open from 12pm until 5pm on July 1.

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