Imagine having so many cool things that you can't figure out what you have.

So we had this very cool guitar shadowboxed. We recognize some of the names on it, but now we can't even remember the show. The best clue we have is from the one and only Vinnie Paul (Rest in Peace), who signed "2004" next to his name. This at least lets us know that it was Damageplan on tour and not Pantera or Hellyeah.

Also visible on the guitar are Saliva, Shinedown, The Burden Brothers and Drowning Pool. We have no idea if other bands were on the bill, but we do think this might have been an X-Fest show.

I know someone out there knows what show this was. Heck, I know someone out there thinks this is one of the best shows ever. Can you identify the show, help us figure out what the lineup was, and/or figure out these signatures. If so, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me here.

One more thing: I'm fairly positive that this picture is from the show, but I could be very wrong.


What Show Was This?

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