I don't have many Vinnie Paul stories. The fact is that Vinnie was just a solid guy.

It's hard to believe that Vinnie has passed away. Vinnie was pretty much a constant in the music scene. So constant, in fact, that some of the haters complained that his bands played Lubbock "too much" (as if that somehow hurt them).

Yes indeed, there was a time when people complained about Pantera coming to Lubbock too often. Well, I guess they had to play here a lot in a short period of time because they couldn't play here forever.

Most of my stories about the brothers date back to Pantera, and most are about Dimebag. While Dime was the crazy one in front, Vinnie was always in the background watching his brother's back. It seemed like Vinnie liked observing the insanity rather than outright participating in it.

I can tell you that there was NOTHING like watching a Vinnie Paul drum soundcheck. Most of you got to hear Vinnie play songs, but very few got a chance to just see him go crazy. Vinnie flat out beat the drums like they owed him money. I don't think there's any doubt that Vinnie will go down as one of the best drummers of all time.

I don't know if there is a rock and roll heaven, but if there is, I'd like to think it's Dimebag on guitar, Vinnie on Drums, Cliff Burton on bass and Dave Williams of Drowning Pool leading the team with a big dumb grin on his face. After the set, they'd encore by bringing out Ronnie James Dio for the most epic version of Black Sabbath's "Heaven & Hell."


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