When I Heard About This I Was Blown Away!

The High Cost Of Dying

Who hasn't heard the horror stories about funeral costs? For that matter, who hasn't seen GoFundMe's because a family is trying to do their best to bury a loved one? A death in the family can push a family's finances well past the brink. Worse yet, it all happens at a time when those left behind aren't thinking straight and just want to mourn their loss.

So What's A Funeral Cost?

A quick Google search of "The Average Cost Of A Funeral In The U.S" puts the amount at between $7000 and $12,000 dollars. I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone to spend that kind of money on me.

So How About Those Caskets? 

Believe it or not, there is actually a place called "Best Price Caskets" where you can buy budget caskets for around $1100. In fact, Walmart sells caskets, because of course they do, for about the same price.

Yes, You Can Make Your Own Casket

Believe it or not, not only is providing your own casket legal in Texas, it's actually a federal law. This is spelled out really clearly on the legal site NOLO.com

Federal law requires funeral homes to accept caskets that you purchase from another source, such as an online retailer. You may also build the casket.

I will also tell you, as a Haunted House owner, you can build an incredibly sturdy coffin/casket for less than $100 (either real wood or plywood).

Would You Like To Be Cremated?

If you're going to be cremated, things get even simpler. You could actually use a cardboard box as an "alternative container".

Think Ahead 

You really should think this out and let your wishes be known. There's a lot of pressure on your family to "send you off in style" and if you're like me, you find that so unnecessary.

You Could Run The Coffin Club

There is actually a group called "The Coffin Club" that informs and educates on these kind of issues. It was hearing about his that inspired me to look up the laws for Texas. I was unable to find a Texas chapter, so maybe you can be the person to provide this very unique resource to people.


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