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Everybody dies. Some people just want to go in style.

I spotted this very unique trailer on my Facebook feed. I guess it is considered a hearse (because I think anything that transports people to their final resting place is probably a hearse). Whatever you want to call it, it's pretty dang cool.

Now your favorite biker can head to their final resting place in style in this custom Harley-Davidson hearse. This is a last ride to be proud of. The windows on the side allow for viewing as the memorial makes its way down to the burial site.

I started thinking how sad it is that something like this is needed in this town (due to the number of biker accidents/deaths), but then I remembered that bikers die of old age, too. This should be a glorious sendoff for those who enjoyed the lifestyle.

The unit belongs to Cavillo Funeral Home & Chapel, and I'd like to personally thank Richard Cavillo for allowing us to show off their latest ride.

The whole thing is a stroke of genius if you ask me. Here's a look at the back:



Yes, this hearse was put together thoughtfully with diamond-plate and traditional coffin rollers. The tires and rims are pretty nice, too. 


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