I wanted to make sure that this was posted for posterity.

Pearl Jam hit the United Supermarkets Arena on October 18th, 2000. It's still one of the most epic shows to ever play Lubbock. That tour was documented in two ways. First, every show was recorded and released on CD. And secondly, there was a tour film that featured performances from some of the cities they hit.

Fortunately for us, a performance of "Parting Ways" filmed live in Lubbock was included in the set.

So, it's not the best-known Pearl Jam song, but it is a snapshot into a time and place that was very special to a whole bunch of us.

Also, I should also mention that the CDs from that show are becoming rare. Currently, Amazon has no more new copies to sell and only a couple used ones available. If you always meant to pick up the set, you might want to do that now.

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